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It continues as a non-linear narrative that shifts from memories to present time, as Tish and Fonny navigate starting a family while Fonny is incarcerated for a crime he did not commit. Photo by Araya Diaz. Courtesy of Getty Images and Film Independent. Taco also attended. Jenkins said he was first introduced to the work of James Baldwin back in his sophomore year of college, after a failed relationship. So to win over the Baldwin estate for the first-time, Jenkins sent the estate second-hand copies of his first independent feature, Medicine for Melancholy , in an effort to present himself genuinely.

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The gesture was received warmly. So it was just about trying to find a group of actors that could take the words of Baldwin and let them remain set in the period that they were written but yet somehow bring an almost contemporary ear to them. Jenkins and Laxton, who worked together on the Academy Award winning Moonlight , shot Beale Street on the Arri 65, a super-sized large format digital 65mm camera. The choice in-turn allowed the director to shoot at an incredibly shallow depth of field at times, and helped the pair film most of Beale Street on location in historic districts like Harlem, the Lower East Side, and SoHo in New York.

Throughout the film, Jenkins breaks the 4th wall in his signature portrait style. Jenkins employed this technique as a way to make the viewing experience more interactive and less passive, he said, similar to reading a book. The effect made me feel like the characters in the movie were checking in on me.

Jenkins and Laxton achieved this by spontaneously shooting direct-to-camera moments with actors in between takes on set. Freedom Summer of was the name given a voter registration drive targeting eligible black Mississippians and led by more than 1, mostly-white out-of-state college students. Volunteers faced intimidation, beatings, and arrest. The Selma Voting Rights campaign also had its share of martyrs.

It is interesting to note that three of the four individuals who lost their lives were white allies in the struggle. Although the Black Panther party had its share of controversy at the time, the museum interprets its involvement as an evolution of the Movement. Civil Rights leader Bayard Rustin is recognized prominently in various exhibits throughout the museum, as well he should be. Rustin is one of the lesser-known, yet highly influential Movement strategists and organizers, and a valued advisor and confidante of Dr. Bayard Rustin introduced Dr. King to the teachings of Gandhi and nonviolent protest strategies during the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

During the Albany Georgia Movement , Police Chief Laurie Pritchett met nonviolent protests with nonviolent tactics of his own, strategies he had learned from studying the methods of activists. Today, Silver Springs is a Florida State Park , but for decades it was a segregated tourist attraction.

Travel was extremely difficult for people of color during segregation. Published annually, the Green Book identified black-friendly businesses throughout the United States. The evolution of political parties is vividly depicted in side-by-side electoral votes maps from and As increasingly more Southern blacks began registering as Democrats , white voters began a mass exodus to the Republican party. Let us slay him. The Sanitation Workers Strike drew Dr.

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King to Memphis. Near the end of his final message, he gave another prophetic allusion and reaffirmed that he had no fear of death. I was totally unprepared for the up close and personal experience I would have at the site of Dr. The museum design puts visitors completely in the moment with an unhindered view of rooms and , the balcony where Dr.

King fell, and the second floor boardinghouse bathroom window from which James Earl Ray fired his Remington Gamemaster. The museum tour continues by crossing Mulberry Street and entering The Legacy exhibits. Associated exhibits house evidence collected during the assassination investigation, including the rifle and fatal bullet. Additional displays provide a detailed examination of the case against James Earl Ray, and explore alternate conspiracy theories.

Getting to tour Clayborn Temple was an unexpected opportunity. The building itself is a grand Romanesque Revival structure. At the time of its dedication as the Second Presbyterian Church in , it was the largest sanctuary south of the Ohio River. King arrived in Memphis to lend his support and lead the march on March Unfortunately, the protest erupted with violence and police responded with nightsticks, teargas, and gunfire.

The church building became to expensive for the congregation to maintain, so it was abandoned in and eventually fell into a state of disrepair. In , a group of concerned residents launched the Clayborn Reborn initiative to restore the temple. An engineering report found the church habitable, and although a work in progress, it soon opened as an event space for meetings, concerts, cultural events, and church services.

The day we happened by, the building was closed, but a worker put us in touch with operations manager Deondra Henderson who gave us a brief tour and then turned us loose to explore the massive structure. The original stained glass windows were designed by Artistic Glass Company of Cincinnati, Ohio , in Some panels were replaced in , including the glass portrait of Bishop Clayborn. The church bell, cast by the Kaye Foundry of Louisville, Kentucky , was recovered from the bell tower in for restoration. One curiosity that illustrates the passage of time in the historic structure is an E mpress Tree Paulownia tomentosa , growing through an upstairs room and out a window.

With renovation underway, its days are numbered, I am sure.

Interested parties can volunteer , contribute , or schedule events to help complete the work at Clayborn Temple. The museum is located at the Burkle Estate. There are accounts that the Burkle home was also a station on the Underground Railroad, but there is little evidence to prove it. This would only make sense because conductors operated covertly and would not keep written records to prove their actions.

I was totally intrigued with the house, and it clearly appeared to have been designed to accommodate fugitives with its trap doors, cellar, and passageways. I understand architectural design for ventilation, but the oval brick openings in the subterranean room were large enough for an average adult to pass through. It was easy to visualize escaped slaves hiding in the brick cellar, waiting to reach the river by cover of dark. Vented openings on the house exterior appear smaller than the those in the cellar.

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I was most excited to learn that our museum guide Elaine Lee Turner was a Memphis civil rights legend. Bragg, one of the city's founders, was elected as the first mayor and served for three consecutive one year terms. William H. Hundhausen, another founder of West Memphis, was elected as its third mayor and served from to Both the building of the railroads, the establishment of lumber operations and the construction of two new U.

In the population reached By , the population grew to 2, and in , the population had more than quadrupled in size to 9, making West Memphis the fastest growing city in Arkansas. Due to the rapid growth of the city that grew from thick forests and swamps earlier in the 20th century, West Memphis was nicknamed the "Wonder City" in the mids. The first automobiles began crossing the Mississippi River at Memphis in by special roadways constructed on the Harahan Bridge , which was built for rail traffic and opened in This heralded the growth of the future West Memphis as its main street, U.

Highway 70, known as Broadway Avenue, brought an influx of automobile traffic through the area. Highway 61, named Missouri Street in West Memphis, was constructed at the same time and its juncture with Highway 70 would become the epicenter of downtown West Memphis. West Memphis was officially incorporated in and continued to grow to become the largest city in Crittenden County. The availability of river and rail transportation transformed West Memphis into the manufacturing and distribution hub of the county.

In the s West Memphis, along with the rest of the Mississippi Delta, suffered due to the economic depression. However, the city grew and developed at a record pace. The most notable export of West Memphis from that era was its original blues music.

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King lived in West Memphis. The growth and development of the city's main commercial thoroughfare, Broadway Avenue, was instigated by the increased traffic and by demand for the industrial products produced and shipped through West Memphis by rail and river. Tourist courts , restaurants, hotels and other amenities geared toward the traveler were constructed along the traffic corridor through West Memphis. Construction in of a second automobile bridge across the Mississippi, connecting Memphis and West Memphis, created another influx of automobile traffic.

The buildings in the , and blocks of East Broadway reflect the growth of the city of West Memphis in the years to Until the national interstate highway system was opened in the late s, diverting traffic away from former routes through the middle of America's towns, West Memphis' Broadway Avenue was the city's center of commerce, with retail stores, tourist courts and hotels and office buildings.

Decline of Broadway Avenue was rapid after the traffic through the town diminished with the opening of the interstate highways.

Top 10 Hotels in Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America

Although the three blocks of East Broadway contained in the West Memphis Commercial Historic District remain much as they appeared in the s, s, and s, the remainder of the city's major traffic corridor, Broadway Avenue, has changed significantly. In the s, s, and s, 8th Street was often called " Beale Street West", reflecting a music and nightlife scene to equal that in Memphis.

King began his public entertaining—and The Coffee Cup—located at East Broadway in the s, outside which Elvis Presley ate his first breakfast after being inducted into the U.

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Army on March 24, Legal greyhound racing began in the county in In the years that followed, the track closed several times—once for flooding, another due to World War II, and another time due to fire. West Memphis began its role as a trucking hub with the opening of parts of Interstate 55 in the s.

With both I and I traveling toward the Mississippi River, West Memphis became known as the "crossroads of America" in the trucking industry. In , a six-lane highway bridge, known as the Hernando de Soto Bridge and located north of the Harahan, opened as part of I When the snow began to melt, this added to the already existing flood problems and the destruction caused by the tornado. The three young men convicted were known as the West Memphis Three and brought about a great amount of public intrigue. Echols, Baldwin, and Misskelley were released from jail in after signing an Alford plea which allowed them to plea guilty while maintaining their innocence.

They were released with time served and placed on probation until West Memphis is located in eastern Crittenden County. It is bordered to the north by the city of Marion. A small piece of West Memphis extends south as far as the Mississippi River , but in most places the river is from 0. As of the United States Census , there were 26, people residing in the city. The racial makeup of the city was As of the census [12] of , there were 27, people, 10, households, and 7, families residing in the city.

The population density was 1, There were 11, housing units at an average density of Hispanic or Latino of any race were 1. There were 10, households out of which There were unmarried partner households: of both sexes, 52 same-sex male, and 26 same-sex female. The average household size was 2. In the city, the population was spread out with The median age was 31 years. For every females, there were For every females age 18 and over, there were About West Memphis tends to have crime levels considerably above the national average.

The national average was For , the total murder risk for the city was over two and a half times the United States average, the same applied when compared to the Arkansas state average. Other forms of crime were roughly the same with the exception of larceny which was slightly above the national average.